Make more moneyby saving more money.

How do you increase ROI?
It’s easy—eliminate wasted dollars on PPC leads that aren’t going to you.

We’ve come up with a tool to help you fine-tune your advertising campaigns to minimize loss, increase ROI, and guarantee a personalized customer experience.

Only run ads when you're available.

Don’t waste money on an opportunity with a low probability of success. With Live Agent PPC, marketers can be sure that the right person is getting the right leads.

You are already successful at optimizing your ads online. But are you fully optimizing your PPC ads? Reduce ad spend by never paying for a lead that your business is unavailable for.

Live Agent has made this into a reality by providing a tool for businesses who value inbound calls to save money and advertise intelligently. Marketers can easily manage ad spending by pausing campaigns when their team is unavailable to convert a call into a sale.

Easily pause and reactivate PPC campaigns when your team is not available to take inbound leads. Setting your availability is incredibly simple. It does not require your staff to access any campaign data, so you don't have to worry about any accidental changes.

We help marketers manage their ads so that the right person answers the line, every time.