With Live Agent,
strike a bull’s-eye
every time.

The Simple Solution to Wasteful Ad Spending is Here

Imagine if you could easily manage your ad spending by pausing PPC campaigns when your team is unavailable to convert a call into a sale. Imagine fine-tuning your advertising campaigns to minimize loss and improve ROI.

Live Agent has made this a reality—we provide businesses that depend on inbound calls with technology that saves money by advertising intelligently.

Boost Customer Conversions

In today’s world, potential customers acting on online ads prefer engaging with businesses directly by phone before making a purchase. Unfortunately, if you or your staff is unavailable, these potential customers will simply move on if they are not serviced immediately at the time of their call.

At Live Agent, we understand the importance in guaranteeing that a representative will be available to handle the calls generated by your campaigns. Don’t just boost calls through your ads; boost customer conversions as well!